Get fitter, stronger and more flexible with a bespoke golf fitness programme. Enquire now to find out how I can help you play your best golf for years to come.

Andy Rossington

“I was sceptical about how more strength & mobility would benefit my golf, but since I started training with Jon I’ve developed more speed and a better turn in my backswing. I’m also much more balanced, so have found more consistency. Physically my body has changed a lot and I’m feeling stronger & more confident every week.”

Matt Brown, 36, 8.2 hcp

I’m Jon Hodgkinson

I’m a TPI-certified personal trainer and biomechanics coach who specialises in golf-specific fitness.

For 10+ years, I’ve been helping my clients improve their movement, reduce pain, and get fit. I believe in providing each client with a personalised programme based on their individual needs.

I currently play off a handicap of 6.

golf fitness

“I’ve been golfing for nearly 50 years and Jon has given me a new lease of life in the game. Aches & pains are much reduced, I’ve regained distance off the tee, and I’m also able to play 36 holes per day when required. This was unthinkable a couple of years ago.”

Tim Pickford, 59, 8 hcp

How golf fitness improves your game

Less Pain and Injury

Are you tired of playing through pain? Holding back on shots? Needing days to recover before you can play again? By going through my unique Golf Fitness Assessment I can develop a tailored programme to alleviate pain and prevent injury.

More Speed and Power

Nearly every golfer wants more distance. But, without the right physical attributes in place first, jumping straight to speed training is a recipe for one thing: injury. I help golfers gain distance while keeping their bodies pain and injury free.

Improved Consistency

Your physical abilities govern how well you can swing the golf club. If you lack balance, core stability or rotation, then it’s anyone’s guess where your club face will be at impact. I analyse each golfer individually and build a bespoke plan for a consistent, repeatable golf swing.

“Jon has helped me reduce pain and stiffness and now I’m hitting it further and straighter. Friends who I have played with for years have commented on the difference. I was worried about how much time I would need to commit to the programme, but the routines are short and easy to fit in.”

Andy Styan, 49, 19 hcp


Enquire now to find out how I can help you play your best golf for years to come.


“I wanted to be fit enough to play every day and Jon has made that possible. Not only that, but since I started working with him my pain levels have gone down and my swing is far more fluid.”

John Oates, PGA Head Pro at Hallowes Golf Club

Never stop golfing

Don’t let injuries or pain ruin the game you love. I give golfers every physical edge to play at as high of a level as possible for as long as possible. Enquire now to get started.