I help golfers play better, for longer.

Get fitter, stronger and more flexible with a bespoke golf fitness programme. Enquire now to find out how I can help you play your best golf for years to come.

Andy Rossington


“I was sceptical about how more strength & mobility would benefit my golf, but since I started training with Jon I’ve developed more speed and a better turn in my backswing. I’m also much more balanced, so have found more consistency. Physically my body has changed a lot and I’m feeling stronger & more confident every week.”

Matt Brown, 36, 8.2 hcp

I’m Jon Hodgkinson

I’m a TPI-certified personal trainer and biomechanics coach who specialises in golf-specific fitness.

For 10+ years, I’ve been helping my clients improve their movement, reduce pain, and get fit. I believe in providing each client with a personalised programme based on their individual needs.

I currently play off a handicap of 6.