Play Your Best Golf for Years to Come

Gain distance, improve consistency and prevent injuries with a personalised golf fitness program. Train with me at my private studio, remotely via my app, or do a combination of both.

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Your physical abilities govern how well you can swing the golf club. If you lack mobility, stability or power, you are losing distance and consistency and you are at a greater risk of injury. Golf-specific fitness training addresses these issues.


One-size-fits-all programmes rarely work because our bodies have different needs based on things like age, injuries, health, and more. A personalised program maximises your results, keeps you safe, and fits your lifestyle.

“I’ve been golfing for nearly 50 years and Jon has given me a new lease of life in the game. Aches & pains are much reduced, I’ve regained distance off the tee, and I’m also able to play 36 holes per day when required. This was unthinkable a couple of years ago.”
Tim Pickford, Retired, Age 59
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In-Depth Golf Fitness Assessment

The first thing we will do is a full evaluation to learn about you and what’s holding you back when you play. This includes Biomechanical testing and protocols from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).

Custom Golf Fitness Programme

You will be provided with a fully-personalised golf fitness programme to maximise your results and prevent injury. You can follow the program via my app, train with me at my private studio, or do a combination of both.

golf exercise program
golf fitness program

Collaboration With Your Swing Coach

We will send a report to your golf pro (with your permission) to help them understand what you are physically capable of so they can coach your most biomechanically efficient swing.


“I wanted to be fit enough to play every day and Jon has made that possible. My pain levels have gone down and my swing is far more fluid. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

John Oates, PGA Head Pro at Hallowes Golf Club


Tell us about your goals and submit your enquiry to find out more about availability and cost.


Guaranteed Results

I don’t just talk a big game. My personal training service is backed by two promises:

1. Mandatory Refund Policy: If you’re not 100% happy after your Golf Fitness Assessment and receiving your personalised program, I require that you ask for your money back. You get to keep your program no matter what.

2. Results Guarantee: If you follow your program exactly as it is laid out and don’t experience improved mobility and less pain you qualify for a full refund.

“Even though I am only 2 weeks in, I am already swinging with a wider arc due to better posture and have gained distance off the tee.”

John Thorpe, External Quality Assurer



  • Wants a consistent, controlled swing

  • Wants to play regularly without pain

  • Values expert guidance

  • Understands that success takes time and effort


  • Only interested in ‘hitting bombs’ (not accuracy)

  • Wants to pack on slabs of muscle

  • Happy with generic, one-size-fits-all workouts

  • Wants a quick fix with minimal effort

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I have more than 10 years of hands-on experience and hold the following qualifications: TPI Level 1, Biomechanics Coach Diploma, Level 3 Exercise Referral Diploma, Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training, Level 4 Certificate in Exercise and Nutritional Interventions for Obesity and Diabetes and an Honours Degree in Public Health & Human Biology.

The initial Golf Fitness Assessment takes approximately 2 hours.

My private studio is based in the heart of Dronfield in the United Kingdom. Click here to find us on Google Maps. There is plenty of free parking.

The initial Golf Fitness Assessment costs £150. The pricing of the follow-on program is dependent on whether you want to train with me online or in person, and how many sessions per week you wish to do. We will discuss the various packages available following your Golf Fitness Assessment.

I strongly recommend that you visit us for an in-person evaluation but, if that’s not possible, then we can perform a modified version of the assessment via Zoom. You can then follow along with your program via our app. The app makes it easy to see what you need to be doing each day, watch video demonstrations and record your progress. There is also a private messenger so you can easily contact me at any time.

We have been training clients online since 2017 and, as long as you are self-motivated, you can get just as good results as training with me in-person.

You get unlimited 24/7 support via phone, email or in-app messenger. Outside of in-person appointments, I will be checking the app regularly to make sure you are on track.

“I have worked with Jon for many moons and his understanding and knowledge of biomechanics along with his attentiveness is second to none. He’s also a damned good golfer.”

Tim Vaughan, Financial Director, Retired

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