Being a 58 year old golfer I was concerned that Jon might only want to work with younger people. That wasn’t the case and since we started working together my mobility has improved, my golf yardages have improved and I feel confident that I can further reduce my single figure handicap. Apart from the golf benefit I feel more energised with better overall fitness. Any golfer from total beginner to pro would benefit from working with Jon.

Ian Goodwin, 58, 6.4 hcp

Even though I am only 2 weeks in, I am already swinging with a wider arc due to better posture and have gained distance off the tee.

John Thorpe, 72, 14 hcp

I learned more about golf in 2 hours with Jon than I have in the past 20 years of playing and having lessons.

Paul Hemlin, 50, 8 hcp

I’ve been golfing for nearly 50 years and Jon has given me a new lease of life in the game. Aches & pains are much reduced, I’ve regained distance off the tee, and I’m also able to play 36 holes per day when required. This was unthinkable a couple of years ago.

Tim Pickford, 59, 8 hcp

I was sceptical about how more strength and mobility would benefit my golf, but since I started training with Jon I’ve developed more speed and a better turn in my backswing. This has given me a better swing path and better impact positions. I’m also much more balanced in the golf swing, so have found more consistency. Physically my body has changed a lot and I’m feeling stronger and more confident every week.

I’m not local to Jon so I train remotely via his app. Initially, I wasn’t sure how well this would work but I’ve found the feedback and check-ins really keep me motivated and make me take ownership of the work. The workouts are varied and enjoyable. In the past, I tried speed sticks, my own training plans and joining gyms, but never had any structure so didn’t get results. This is easily the best exercise programme I’ve been involved in.

Matt Brown, 36, 8.2 hcp

I wanted to be fit enough to play every day and Jon has made that possible. Not only that, but since I started working with him my pain levels have gone down and my swing is far more fluid.

head-proJohn Oates, 55, Pro

I have worked with Jon for many moons and his understanding and knowledge of biomechanics along with his attentiveness is second to none. He’s also a damned good golfer.

Tim Vaughan, 63, 28 hcp